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Zoë draws heavily upon the BKS Iyengar lineage, the 8-limbed yogic path and the wisdom of Ayurvedic science in their classes. They incorporate meditation, asana, breath work, developmental movement patterns and the chakra system to make space for their students to connect to their bodies mindfully and compassionately, move through patterns of holding, and reintegrate the energy bound up in that holdingClasses combine creative experimentation with nervous system training, somatic movement and smart alignment-based flow.


Twenty-five years of dance experience is engrained into Zoë's practice. They draw upon a rich improvisational dance practice, Laban Bartenieff movement analysis, and authentic movement. They work with their students to cultivate powerful presence and to push themselves with care, to expand into the unknown beyond their edges. Zoë believes in the power of non-verbal processing and points to their student's creative imagination as a source of Spirit – a way in to discover the unconscious constantly shaping our lives. Their practices prioritize honing in on our intuition, to deepen our ability to trust and access the vitality of living with integrity, in ourselves and within community.


Zoë embraces an embodied approach to discovering and expanding consciousness in service of individual and collective transformation. They believe in order to transform culture, create social change, and build community we must first take a deep, hard look at ourselves. To build movements of resistance, we need to understand our internalized and embodied patterns of resistance that keeps us from ourselves. Zoë works with students and clients to consciously contact holding patterns, to digest and integrate potential energy held in the stories, belief systems and meaning we make, that keep us stagnant. This inner alchemical process opens us to receive each other with more humility and care. Their practices build our capacity to be discerning and intentional with how we wield our power, so that we can sustain more fulfilling connections and evolve collaboratively with our greater earth community. 


Zoë's intent is that their students become distinctly self-reliant through their practice, able to recognize and harness their inner power and understand their capacity to create real, lasting change in their lives. They invite their students into conversation with their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual Selves to understand their ever changing capacity and communicate honestly about their boundaries. Zoë aims to develop their students ability to feel where they are, so they may have a clearer sense of where they are going and how they will get there. Zoë creates space for their students to develop a personal, intimate relationship with their corporeality to listen and be led by the wisdom their body carries, to slow down and witness it. Embodiment is a courageous act of resistance, you already have everything you need. 


“All too often we live in the top six inches of our bodies, trying to think our way through life. Our minds are housed by the body, our bodies are our homes. The body has its own language and it carries the WISDOM OF OUR EXPERIENCE in the form of memories,  emotions, densities, desires, thoughts, stories, and beliefs. 

My goal as a teacher is to serve you in redirecting your attention through deep introspection and inner sensing to hear the body speak. I offer classes that move through yoga asana, that tune and stoke the nervous system, and provide a compassionate lens to observe our many Selves. My classes aim to create space and consciousness in deep-seated physical and mental patterns—so that you may attune and listen with more depth to your inherent wisdom and be moved by what you find. Class is held to cultivate your attentive care, to build integrity in the alignment between your body and Self—your visions, actions and the impact you leave on the world.


In alignment we walk through the world in relationship to ourselves and others with greater ease and fulfillment.”





(will resume summer '22)


11:30AM-12:30PM EST

Yoga Asana + Somatic Restoration

(will resume summer '22)


11:30 AM-12:30 PM EST

Yoga Asana Foundations

"While Zoe encouraged me to trust myself and listen to my inner wisdom, they also gave me insightful advice that grounded me and had me inspired at the end of every session. After consulting with Zoe, I felt driven and brave, knowing that I was the creator of my reality. Their wisdom would hit me like a ton of bricks and their advice is directly applicable. I feel so lucky to hold onto their words in real time as I navigate tough situations."

- Nicole Hannouche, Architectural Designer

"One of my favorite parts of Zoe's approach is the emphasis on listening to our inner knowing. I have always struggled trusting this part of myself as my analytical brain would take over. I learned about the ways in which my body and intuition communicate with me and how to receive its wisdom. My relationship with my intuition has deepened and has allowed me to navigate life choices with more grace and certainty." 

- Livvy Feeny
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