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Zoë offers a flexible coaching model that provides a co-creative space for witnessing, reflection, building emotional coherence and accessing embodied practices. They offer tools and practices that support clients in merging their visions with action as they move through their blocks and discover what lights them up. Zoë combines 25 years of dance practice with a background in community organizing, drawing upon the science of Yoga, trauma-informed peer support, Nonviolent Communication, the Internal Family Systems model, somatic practices, and neurology and their experience with Solve Next, a company utilizing design to strategically implement innovative change in the business world to disrupt the status quo. Their work builds fluency between the body, mind and heart. Zoë facilitates space for clients to understand their desires and navigate their inner transformation to build a life that is in alignment with their values—to find the apt time for resistance, in our independent and collective transformation.


  • Harnessing your agency—increase focus, widen your vision and remain flexible to the moment in co-creative spaces 

  • Managing burnout

  • Removing your 'blocks'—Interrupt cycles of distraction that keep you stuck and out of touch with your power to merge your vision with your action

  • Healing limiting belief systems to find clarity that moves you towards your desire—develop your inner leadership skills

  • Experiencing the interconnectivity of body, mind, and spirit to build coherence between these realms of being

  • Understanding your body’s holding patterns to gain more access to choice

  • Growing your emotional capacity and communication techniques to navigate conflict to establish heartfelt connections based in empathy

  • Developing a communication practice that supports the expression of your authentic voice and taking action to live the truth of your values

  • Recover an embodied sense of safety


Zoë believes our health is determined by our capacity to own our senses of belonging–in our bodies, relationships and environments. Belonging is about safety, access, coherence and vibrancy—developing strong bonds of interdependence. The safer and more resourced we are in our bodies, the more we can shift from reactivity to responsiveness. Responsiveness is about recovering our sense of choice and cultivating presence. As we deepen our capacity to exercise our agency, the more discerning we become at understanding what it is we are choosing. Our intuition or gut-response may be responding to threats that no longer exist. Zoë's coaching work encourages integration of the split parts of ourselves—welcoming back the parts in hiding with the parts standing clearly in the light. Sometimes healing becomes addictive, we get caught in cycles trying to understand our "why", obsessing over the meaning of our thoughts and feelings. Zoë combines compassionate embodied introspection with an action-oriented approach in her coaching. This balances navigating emotional processing with finding supportive action that offers relief and prioritizes our being. The work of self-healing is individual and collective, it is about evolving our understanding and finding new ways of being in community that centers our heart. It is about finding ways to repair, building culture that values ease, love and our bodies at peace so we may remember the joy in our co-existence.


Zoë believes for healing to be truly transformational it must happen individually and communally. We are social beings who exist in relationship, to each other and to internal and external complex systems. These relationships are teachers that offer their own innate wisdom. Somatics centers our whole body in healing and asks us to consider the power that lies within these relationships. Zoë believes access to space that prioritizes our safety, where this power can be witnessed and heard deepens our sense of belonging and builds trust. Trust is the vital love-energy that allows us to transform, without it we stay disconnected. Trust is a practice of moving between what is known and unknown. They work with their clients to move them towards transformation, as they expand their capacity to exist in the unknown and choose the courage to sit in their discomfort. It is their vision that through every individuals' participation in this work, we are shifting inner belief systems and building essential community that can hold new cultures of care that value our spiritual and emotional well-being. 





Our alarm system recalibrates, over time there is an increase in stress hormones disproportionate to the level of threat we experience when triggered, and our systems that filter relevant information from irrelevant information fundamentally changes. Our understanding is shaped by our experiences, belief systems hold us, and keep us safe. Sometimes we hold on too tight, clinging to the stories, identities and meaning we make from our experiences.


Clinging invokes a stuck-ness.

Clinging can become an embodied mode of attachment, one that is stuck around  stagnant emotion and story. Our nervous system interprets our experiences and builds patterns of understanding that serve to help us manage and navigate the incoming information. Sometimes we are not ready to process the intensity of the information coming in and so we 'get stuck' with unprocessed trauma, this is our body doing its very best to keep us safe.

Understanding- the circuit of "meaning- making" that builds the conscious and unconscious patterns our nervous system/body connection is responsible for; the way we mediate our inner and our outer environments, innate intelligence moving through us and shaping our lives. These understandings build our belief systems. We take in information, interpret that information and then act. Our bodies' relationship to threat shape our capacity to receive, how we understand what we are receiving and what we do about it.  This is how we survive. Many of us are stuck in patterns of survival that no longer serve us.


What would it look like to find freedom here? To trust so deeply that we shift into the abundance of our heart's wisdom and live from there? When do we dive deep into new ways of understanding and when do we allow ourselves to just be? What exactly are we moving towards?

My aim as a coach is to partner with you to get unstuck. I work with you, holding space for healing and transformation so you may cultivate a deeper understanding of your needs and express your power from a place of integrity that allows you to show up more fully for yourself and find more authentic connection with others. Body-centered coaching is a healing modality that centers the idea that your lived experience makes you the expert. I partner with you to look at your patterns of relating—your intentions with our actions, your body to your environment, you to yourself and others, to the greater communities we belong to, and to the lineages we are extensions of. Body-centered coaching is in service of nurturing your holistic growth, getting you connected to resources, bridging your vision with your action and healing from trauma and oppression to broaden your access to choice. I work with you to build systems that support the recovery of your embodied sense of safety in the context of oppressive, systemic, social conditions. To make choices and changes that encourage your body and life at peace, center the wisdom of your heart, and let love guide you in your personal transformation and in our broader collective liberation.”


"Thank you for listening. dancing. being. with me. I learned a lot about myself in 10 hours or so with you. Things that ring on and resonate as true and important. Keys to self compassion. Encouragement. Trust for my gifts. Pride in my feelings. You are wonderful at creating a safe, loving and playful space to share and look and learn. Curious, caring. Intuitive. Emotive. I am so grateful for the sharing dance." 

- Adam Butler, Co-founder of The Butlers

"Through working with Zoe, I have been able to clearly notice and identify aspects of my life that I was unaware of. Not only did we discover behavioral patterns that were not serving me, Zoe created a space for me to reconsider my perspective on life. I had created certain "truths" that I had not challenged in years. Unlocking these fixed parts of myself feels expansive. Sometimes I feel like I am being taught and talked at. I didn't feel that way with Zoe. They really held space for me to do my own learning which led to a much more powerful sort of transformation."

-Nicole Hannouche,  Hannouche Architects





Artwork: Collaboration between LS and Zoe Galle