Embody your vital human potential

A reliable, body-centered approach to transformational coaching. Boost your resilience + discover your most authentic, connected, courageous way of being to build your most meaningful life.
Hi, I'm Zoë Galle —
somatic coach, teacher
& instigator.
As a coach I offer safety to help you move out of self-doubt
+ use the body/mind connection to support your well being.

As a recovering perfectionist, deep feeler + over achiever, I know what constantly living between chaos + burnout feels like. I know the cost of navigating the world feeling isolated, without purpose, and misunderstood. I know that getting the right support to access new ways of thinking and embodying new ways of being is what you need. I work with people who are ready to meet their potential.

If you're looking for:
  • A holistic approach to your well being — more ease, peace + joy

  • Support processing trauma + a less anxious mind

  • More confindence, creativity + focus

  • A clearer understanding of you

  • Freedom in your choice making + an ability to bring insight into action at will

  • Relief from chronic pain, mood swings + a deeper connection to your body

  • A brave space to get clear on what matters most to you + practice taking meaningful risks

  • Intimacy—deeper + more fufilling connections

  • More authentic, honest communication, boundaries that protect your peace + encourage healthy relationships

  • Increased Leadership Presence with an ability to motivate + inspire

  • Mentorship for the Gifted + Queer Community


I started my journey with Zoë in a deep rut of burnout and stress, I had lost a core connection to myself and my creative pursuits and passions. She offered me so much patience and grace to process and shift at my own pace. I’ve learned to move more dynamically through the world in a way that invites ease, curiosity, and joy. A deep shift has taken place in realigning with my authentic self, from a fear and scarcity mindset to one of abundance and gratitude. I have become so much more grounded and embodied. 
Zachary C.
My session with Zoe was a slow and beautiful way to move and weave energy into my body, while simultaneously working through some blocks and releasing other tensions I had been holding. When deep body memories and emotions surfaced, I felt guided by Zoe and the movements, to let myself experience and accept them, and then slowly let my process resolve. Zoe has brought a new level of awareness to my whole system, a soothing one, a safe one, a space to partner with to move through complex energies and not feel halted by them. 
Celine S.
Working with Zoe has brought more clarity and light in relationship to the parts of myself I typically find difficult to access. With a generous heart and blunt honesty, they create a space for me to listen deeply to my body, intuition, and needs. They supported me in practicing a way of being that is more honest, balanced, and pleasure-centered, living more fully in alignment with my authentic self.
Livvy F.

MY Offering

I offer a holistic approach to healing + transformation. Cultivate your life-force, make space for more authentic connection, experience more ease + aliveness in your life.


We are storytelling, social animals. I help you discover your deepest potential for being well in the world.

When we get clear on what is robbing us of our life force we can focus on what really matters. That’s what guides us towards wellness…that's what we need more of in the world. People who are brave enough to come radically, ecstatically alive, and turn towards each other as we forge new ways of moving forward. Together.

We are what we practice & We are always practicing something.
-Richard Strozzi

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