Somatic + Attunement Coaching

Reclaim your birthright to feel and be well—move through the world with confidence, brimming with your own aliveness.


Take it from the people doing the work

I had created certain "truths" that I had not challenged in years. I have always struggled trusting my intuition as my analytical brain takes over. I learned how to trust myself by listening to my inner wisdom and all the ways my body communicates with me. I now feel driven and brave, and navigate life choices with more grace and certainty. 
Nicole H.
Thank you for listening, dancing, being with me. I learned a lot about myself with you. Things that ring on and resonate as true and important. Keys to self compassion, encouragement trust for my gifts, pride for my feelings. You are wonderful at creating a safe, loving and playful space to share and look and learn. Curious, caring and intuitive. Emotive. I am so grateful for the sharing dance. 
Adam B
Zoe has an unwavering groundedness and genuine curious presence. I felt like I had a creative, open, big thinker on my team who wasn’t going to let me diminish my gifts and hold me accountable. She held space for me to feel empowered and take steps that were outside my comfort zone. 
Jess H.

Attunement is the experience of a felt, resonant connection between you and you, and you and me. It's the basis of our sense of belonging to ourselves and each other.

Many of my clients come to me fed up and frustrated. They say “I understand perfectly, why do I feel exactly the same?”

Most folks are missing the most critical part of creating real lasting change—learning how to use their minds rather than feeling like their minds are running the show. I offer a process  to work with the information provided by the body in order to improve the functionality of the mind.

When we learn how to navigate our emotions, detach from judgement and update the stories we tell that define who we are,  we gain access to new choices that deliver us to new people and set us on new paths. We can't go on solving our problems with the same ole technology. Sometimes our software needs an update in order for us to innovate.

What is being offered in the coaching container?
  • (4) 1 hour virtual coaching sessions per month

  • A hands-on, flexible model + emergent process 

  • A Somatic Approach to integrate your bodymind connection + cultivate your life force

  • Socratic Method—provocative questions + challenging assumptions

  • Expertise— Subject-matter expert advice and collective wisdom

  • A Brave Space—A safe, non judgmental, confidential sounding board + trusted advisor

  • Support between sessions via texts, voice memos + email

  • Supplemental resources to support your ongoing learning

May we move courageously in our spaces of collective healing, and lead from our hearts to become safer for each other.